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Producer, composer & rapper.

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Sound engineer & guitarist.


STUDIO A is equipped with the latest technology, the prestigious console NEVE VR 60, STUDER A820, Protools HD3 system, microphones Neumann, AKG, CAD, SoundElux 251, TC ELECTRONICS System 6000 MKII… and previous class of high range; Manley VoxBox, Groove Tubes “VIPRE”, Neve, Focusrite ISA430, etc…

– Console:

Neve VR60 with totall recall and flying faders. Every channel have dynamic and eq. The console was recap this year.

– Recording system:

Pro tools HD3 with 1 Apogee 16X A/D, 3 Apogee 16X D/A and Digidesign 192 I/O converters
Studer 820A 24 multitrack recorder

– Outboard:

Manley Voxbox preamp
Focusrite Isa preamp
Groove tube Vipre preamp
TC System 6000 processor
Manley Slam dual compressor
Summit Audio DLC-200 Dual compessor limiter

– Mics (For studio A & B):

Soundeluxe Elux 251
2 Cad VX2
70´s Neumann U87
Neumann  U87
Neumann U47 Fet
Mached pair AKG 414 XLS
3 AKG 421
2 AKG 441
AKG D112
3 Shure SM57
Shure vintage SM57 Beta
Audio Technica Atm250
Audix I5
2 Audix ADX 51
Yamaha Subkick

– Reference monitors:

Genelec 1032
Klein & Hummel O 300D
Westlake BBSM 6 Monitor Speaker pair


STUDIO B it is located in Carmona (Seville) and behind it are Caye (sound engineer and guitarist) and Hueco (producer specializing in Hip Hop).

On our site, in addition to the studio area you can enjoy parking, lounge with fireplace, kitchen, garden with pool and best of all ¡FREE ACCOMMODATION! during the recording. You can see more details about our equipment on the Biography Section.

If you only want to mixing and mastering services online just have to send us your unedited .wav tracks (Via Dropbox, wetransfer, etc …), we will handle the entire process of mixing and mastering (compression, reverb, cuts, limiting …) and we will deliver your tracks and processed in Wav format and / or mp3. Furthermore, after receiving the payment and 48 H max you can hear a preview of several seconds of track and processed to give its approval.

For recording, mixing and mastering services, please make your inquiry here:

– Console:

Amek Big with total recall and automation

– Recording System:

Pro tools HD2 with Digidesign 192 I/O and digidesign 888/24 I/O converters
Pro tools 24 mix plus with 888/24 I/O converter

– Outboard:

Aphex 320A dual compressor
DBX DDP dual processor
Lexicon MPX1

-Reference motinor:


– Backline (For studio A & B):

Marshall JCM 800 2210 amp head
Marshall JCM 800 Superbass amp head
Marshall JCM 800 4210 combo
Krank Revolution series1 amp head
Krank Black Rev 4×12 Speaker Cabinet
Marshall 1960 Cabinet
Line6 4X12S Cabinet
Mesa boggie 1X15 powerhouse Cabinet
ESP 400 Series Guitar
Ibanez 3120 guitar
Ibanez QMSOL 620 guitar
Jackson RR5 guitar
Teye Electric Gypsy R-Series el Torero custom bass

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