Mr. Hyde, the rapper from New York (Queens) is coming with his new solo project «EVIL NEVER DIES«. The features of this album are Necro, Nutso, Velvet Rose, Psych Ward, Sid Wilson and productions by Nuttkase, Hueco Prods, Necro, Seb The Undead & more 

All cutz by Dj Evil Dee and Dj Tembe. Recorded and mixed by Multiple Blastoff at Dragon´s Lair Studios.

Listen here Much of Madness More of Sin (Produced by Hueco):

Listen here Rhyme to Murder (Produced by Hueco):

Listen here «Hail The Villains» Feat Psych Ward, Sid Wilson & Necro (Produced by Hueco):

Buy the new Mr. Hyde full album now from iTunes: Evil Never Dies

Mr. Hyde – Evil Never Dies (Tracklist)

1. Antichrist (Intro)

2. Introducing Lucifer (Produced by Cotardz

3. Much Of Madness More Of Sin (Produced by Hueco Prods)

4. Gruesome Twosome Tuesday (Ft. Necro) [Produced by Necro]

5. The Howling (Produced by Nuttkase)

6. Unspeakable (Produced by Tunna Beats)

7. New York Lawn Chairs (Ft. Nutso, Nems & All Lyrics) [Produced by Cotardz]

8. Recipe For The Wicked (Ft. Velvet Rose) [Produced by Flash 27]

9. Rhyme To Murder (Ft. DJ Evil Dee) [Produced by Hueco Prods]

10. Unholy Carnage (Ft. Necro) [Produced by Necro]

11. Demon Chant (Produced by Seb The Undead)

12. Hail The Villains Official Remix (Ft. Psych Ward, Sid Wilson, Necro & DJ Tembe) [Produced by Hueco Prods]

13. Evil Never Dies (Produced by Nuttkase)